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NBA 2K18 launched trailer for Nintendo Switch and Top 10 Three-Point Shooters in 2K18

Posted Time: 2017.10.20

NBA 2K18 launched trailer for Nintendo Switch

"NBA 2K18" has been launched Switch digital download version last month, and at the 10.18, 2K also officially launched a entitative cassette version, Nintendo also launched a formal listing video after is, we can look it together:

Switch version of "NBA 2K18" and other versions to keep the same day on sale, the game capacity up to 25GB, Nintendo particularly revision update agreement for it, making Switch (2K18 MT Coins) version of "NBA 2K18" and other versions to keep up with the follow-up update upgrade.

NBA 2K18's Switch version will supports up to 4 hosts local online, and 8 players can simultaneously run game through the local online, it also has the portability that other versions don't have.



 Top 10 Three-Point Shooters In NBA 2K18’s MyTeam Mode

NBA 2K18’s MyTeam mode is one of the most exciting and enjoyable game modes in this year’s iteration.

Being able to form your squad using players from every era of the NBA is something every fan loves to do, leading to many hypothetical teams being created.

Player tiers range from Bronze — the worst cards in the game — all the way up to Pink Diamond, which is reserved only for the best players in the mode.

When it comes to gameplay, fastbreak dunks and threes are the name of the game, as those two ways of scoring are the most efficient, both in real life and in 2K18, so having deadly three-point shooters on your roster is crucial to winning games online against your opponent.

With that being the case, to help some of you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 three-point shooters in MyTeam (2K18 MT Coins) according to Brad Stevenson at the moment, 

10. Free Agent Klay Thompson – 96 Open Three
9. Rewards Pete Maravich ’80 – 96 Open Three
8. Rewards Oscar Robertson ’69 – 96 Open Three
7. Jose Calderon ’10 – 97 Open Three
6. Ray Allen ’04 – 97 Open Three
5. Free Agent Steph Curry – 97 Open Three
4. Rewards Dirk Nowitzki – 97 Open Three
3. Kyle Korver ’10 – 98 Open Three
2. Rewards Glen Rice ’99 – 98 Open Three
1. Rewards Steve Nash ’07 – 98 Open Three


Source from fadeawayworld.com


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