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NBA 2K18's Patch 1.04 has been released on the Playstation 4 and is coming soon to other platform

Posted Time: 2017.10.13

Here are some of the official notes for Patch 1.04.

MyTEAM ( 2K18 MT Coins )

- Users can now use strategy cards in Super Max games in MyTEAM.

- Strategy cards are now stackable, in quantities of 20.

- Non-NBA balls will now properly appear in your home court when set in the Edit Franchise menu.

- Users will no longer be automatically taken to the Edit Lineups menu after upgrading a player’s badge.

- Users that excessively foul in online multiplayer MyTEAM games will now get kicked and given a loss.

- The “Replace Player” option has moved from the Edit Player menu to the Edit Lineup menu for usability improvements.



- The number of left ankle injuries should now be greatly reduced during user-played games.

- Added more variety to the types of injuries that can occur in-game.

- Attempting icon passing while posting up will no longer disengage you from post.

- More responsive triple threat moves when crowded by a defender.

- Fixed a dribbling issue that would cause escape crosses and hesitations to sometimes face sideways.

- Made catching passes in the corner more reliable.

- Made some improvements to the screen system to improve reliability and user control.

- Edited several off-ball ride/deny animations to improve user control and visual fidelity.

- Fixed an issue with putback layups that would sometimes cause them to hit the front rim or bottom of the backboard.

- Fixed a bug that would cause defenders to pop to a stand while lying on the ground after a hard foul.

- Various improvements to the Teammate (NBA 2K18 MT Coins) Grading system.

- Fixed issues where defenders were set to GAP, ignoring user and ACE settings.

- Fixed a hang that could occur when the ball boy picked up the ball while it’s in play.

- “After Foul” animations updated to prevent hands from clipping into the head of another player.

- When the offensive team wins a jump ball, the shot clock should now be reset.

- Addressed a case where defensive settings inside the Coaches Clipboard were not sticking after being changed.

- Fixed an issue where a player on the losing team would sometimes celebrate with the winning team when his team lost the game.

The Biggest Improvements

Paying Out VC on Pro-Am Games

Anytime VC isn't being paid out after a task or challenge is completed, it's a big deal. The issue in Play Now Online was resolved and now it appears a similar problem with Pro-Am has been fixed too.

CAP Improvements

Nearest and most dear to my heart is the improvements to the create-a-player system. I hated the lack of options offered in the feature when the game released. This update doesn't address all of my concerns, but it does hit on more than a few.

The lack of facial hair options was perplexing and the inability to change eye color was also maddening. After the patch, content creators will have more facial hair options, the ability to change eye color and the girth of created players should be more visible.

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