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NBA 2K18's Prelude can be downloaded now and the New Alternate Cover With Kyrie Irving Revealed

Posted Time: 2017.09.08

The Prelude is now available to download on the PlayStation store and Xbox Live, allowing players to experience the overhauled MyCaree mode and the shared open world called Neighborhood. A demo of about 12GB on the PS4 and Xbox One should be available in all locations as 2K previously promised to publish at the same time worldwide.

The prelude also allows the player to experience the rich changes and improvements of the main game, such as greatly improved AI and new shooting. NBA 2K18 now also has a double archetype for custom characters, a total of 189 kinds of archetype changes, so that make each game style more diversified.

Players can also use the NBA 2K18 companion app to test face scan for their custom character, which was available yesterday for mobile devices.

Prelude progress can be transformed into a complete game, so play your best (buy NBA 2K18 MTCOINS), wisely make your decision. There is still plenty of time to fix your custom character before the September 19, releasing game for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One games, even though the pre-order customers can get the game before September 15th.

NBA 2K18's Alternate Cover With Kyrie Irving In A Celtics Jersey Revealed


2K Sports has revealed the alternate cover of NBA 2K18 featuring Kyrie Irving in a Boston Celtics jersey. It's not simply a jersey swap from the Cleveland Cavaliers edition. Irving is shown with his hands by his side in the Celtics cover; in the Cavs version he's going in for a layup. 

The alternate NBA 2K18 cover will be available at some point in the future, though 2K did not specify and exact date.

Irving had reportedly asked for a trade months ago, so a cover change was not a total surprise, though it did present something of a dilemma for 2K. When the Irving trade was confirmed, 2K responded with a good-natured tweet, stating, "Whoops," in response to an earlier tweet with Irving in his Cavs jersey.


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