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NBA2K 18 , Let’s Run The Neighborhood

Posted Time: 2017.09.06

NBA2K 18 is releasing soon. And more trailers are unveiled. 

The NBA2K unveiled a preview of the new Neighborhood concept at Aug 31, in the preview, introduced an open-world to the NBA2K franchise. This is the first time the theme appears in a sports video game and it works perfectly with 2K's multi-pronged feature set that uses MyCareer as its hub.

The goal is to guide your MyPlayer to the overall rating of 99, so the road to 99 theme. In your journey, added a lot of required progress bars as visible aids. This is what MyCareer's experience has long needed. One problem with open world experience is the lack of direction and focus, but through the 99 road and general sports theme, this should not be a problem.

The neighborhood includes a mini-game called 2K Zone, multiple street experience parks, a Pro-Am gym, a tattoo parlor, a barber shop, a Foot Locker for new kicks and a clothing store.

The guide to the NBA2K' Neighborhood---Road to 99


Think about it, we wondered around the Neighborhood and we could see the other gamers coming and going at the road as well, it is very interesting.

The character creation has changed a bit and so too has the upgrade system. For beginners, there are 189 different prototypes this year. In addition to the traditional pure classification of the NBA2K 17, there are now hybrid cars.

Each prototype (pure and mixed) has a badge cap. Players can get bronze, silver and gold medals in every player. This is an incredible diversity, which ultimately helps to personalize the players in the e-sports scene. We do not have the opportunity to use the face scan application to create a player, but this application should be active before the September 8 "prelude" demo arrives.

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